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Did you know that from time to time Brother updates the software on our machines and we can download those updates to give us better functionality, and in some cases more wonderful built-in designs?

Here is how you can check whether your machine is due for an update, and then how to do it.

Check what version of software you are currently running:

  1. Turn your machine on and go to the SETTINGS button (the little spanner button) on your control panel.
  2. Scroll through until you see a line reading “VER. “
  3. You will see a number there and that is the last version your machine is running on.

Depending on your model number, these are the latest versions available for your machine (your model number will be on the front of the machine somewhere near the Scan’n Cut logo):

CM110 – Ver. 1.816

CM350 - Ver. 2.36

CM550DX & CM550 – Ver. 1.816

CM700 – Ver. 2.36

CM900 – Ver. 2.36

Does your machine display a different version number?  Then it’s time for an update!


Note: Wireless machines that are online will prompt you when there is a software update to perform and you will be able to complete this directly from the machine by following the prompts. 

  1. Log into
  2. In the ‘Search by Product Category’ menu, select CUTTING MACHINE
  3. In the ‘Product Series’ menu, select SCAN’n CUT – CM SERIES
  4. Select your model name
  5. You then need to tell the website what software program you run on your computer, ie Windows 10 or MAC-OS
  6. You will then see an option under the menu ‘Software’ of UPDATE SOFTWARE
  7. You will need to Agree to the EULA and Download by clicking on the blue button
  8. Your computer will now download your new software
  9. Depending on how your computer works, you will now have a file placed into your Downloads area of your computer. For most computers you would select ‘Downloads’ in your File Manager.  You may even see the download appear at the bottom of your screen as a box that you can click on to open it.  The download will begin with the name “SNC…followed by a series of letters and numbers.
  10. Save this file to a USB stick which has no other files on it. Other files may interfere with the download process.
  11. With your Scan’n Cut machine off, hold down the MAT FEED button (the button you press to load your mat into your machine) and turn your machine on.
  12. A different screen opens up on your machine to what you are used to. You can now load your USB stick into your machine via the port on the right hand side.
  13. Select the USB button on the screen (the button that looks like 3 leads).
  14. Select UPDATE
  15. When updating is finished, you will get a message on your screen. Unplug your USA stick and turn the machine off.
  16. Your software is now updated and you should see a new version number in your SETTINGS menu.

If you should have any problems with this process please just send me a message and I will be happy to help, or alternatively I always have USB sticks loaded with the latest software versions for all models at my classes and will be happy to update your machine for you there.

Happy creating!


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