Scan'n Cut Scanning Troubleshooting

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Are you having trouble getting your Scan’n Cut to find your cut lines correctly when scanning in an image using the Direct Cut function?  This is a fairly common issue but with this following checklist, hopefully you are able to strike on a resolution that will solve the problem for you:

  • Check the lighting that might be shining on or near your machine when scanning. Reflections, too much light or too little light can cause the scanner to see things a little differently to how we would like it to.  Dim the lights down a bit, move your scanner away from the window or close some curtains and re-scan to see of that has helped.
  • Is your scanner window clean? In a previous post I have talked about how to keep your machine in good maintenance.  Look back at my post for some tips on keeping your scanner clean and able to see your image easily.
  • Even though Brother have kindly given us the option to direct the machine to recognise images in Black & White or in Colour, use this function to your advantage. Even if your image is Black & White, try scanning it with the colour option selected or vice versa.  (When in the Direct Cut mode, just before you are asked to press START, change the Recognition Mode at the bottom of the screen to the opposite of what you are trying to detect….) I have had a lot of success changing this mode about and trying again.
  • If you are cutting a lot of images at once, and some of them have the correct cutting lines but others don’t, cut the good ones and remove them from the mat. Then reload and rescan with fewer of the remaining uncut images – hopefully your machine will focus its attention a bit better!

If none of these adjustments has worked for you, I give my classes one more instruction to get the perfect cut that you want.  Try scanning your image through the Scan To Cut Data mode.  In this mode you will have to save your scanned image to your machine memory, but so long as you leave your mat loaded and your materials unchanged while you recall that image from the memory (through PATTERNS), you will be able to cut from that file which will be correctly positioned to your mat.

With each of these options you made need to try several times before you get what you want, but hopefully you eventually will.  I have never had to resort to pulling out those scissors and I hope you don’t need to either! 

Happy creating!



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