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Tip of the Week:  Scan’n Cut and Design’n Cut Mat Storage

 In the past few years that I have been teaching, I have heard a few different ideas for how people store their mats.  In case you are trying to work out how best to store these tacky treasures, here are a few of them.

  • Kept in their original packaging and hung from a hook on the side of your workstation
  • Removed from their packaging and a hole punched through the top of them and then hung from a hoof (Note: If you choose this method, be sure to punch your hole in a white space on the mat, and not on the dots or lines that help your machine recognise the mat)
  • Hung in a wardrobe using those wonderful coat hangers designed for pants – the ones with the clips on them
  • Hung using a new Ikea product designed to hold fabric swatches – only $1.99 each….great value! See the photo.

Do you have another way of storing your mats you would like to share?  Whatever you do, make sure you always keep them clean and with that clear plastic coversheet on them to avoid any dust.

Happy creating!


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