Design'n Cut vs Scan'n Cut - 16th January, 2018

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Tuesday 16th January, 2018 

Design'n Cut vs Scan'n Cut

Design'n Cut

Are you trying to decide between a Brother Design’n Cut and a Brother Scan’n Cut?  Well here is what you should know.

Most importantly is that the Scan’n Cut is designed to work as a sole stand-alone machine.  You are able to scan in pictures or use the copious amount of built-in designs to create and cut.  Sit down at your machine and enjoy making an endless array of projects all at your fingertips.

Design’n Cut on the other hand, can only be used in conjunction with your computer, laptop or mobile device.  You can do very little on this machine alone and computers will be your friend in order to run it.  You will access a free app called Design’n Cut Manager to provide your directions for the machine.

So how do you scan your own designs into a Design’n Cut?  With no built-in scanner, this machine requires you to use a CaptureMat whereby you would place whatever you wish to “scan” on the specific Design’n Cut CaptureMat, and take a photo of it with your mobile device or tablet via the app.  This can then be loaded into the free Brother online software program ‘Canvas’ where you can trace it and play with it to create whatever you would like.  You would then load it back, via USB or Wifi, to your machine for cutting.  A slightly longer and more tech-y process but still with the same fabulous result.

Both machines use the free online software ‘Brother Scan’n Cut Canvas’, so you are not limited at all in what you can download, trace and upload from their website or the wider web.

Both machines also share most of the same accessories, although you will require the specific CaptureMat for your Design’n Cut if you wish to photograph and upload designs for cutting.

In my personal opinion, you are going to be able to achieve the same result with either machine, but it will be how you go about doing it that will differ slightly.  If you are comfortable using apps and your laptop or mobile device, then a Design’n Cut will work really well for you.  But if you would rather avoid the whole technology side of things and just have a machine that you can sit in front of to create with, a Scan’n Cut is going to be your best friend. 

Either way, Brother have got it right with both machines.  They offer the best range of functions on the market and are truly the complete electronic cutting machine for crafters, small business owners, students, designers and all round hobbyists!



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