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For Scan'n Cut CM Series machines Only
A perfectly designed kit for those with a Brother CM350, CM700 and CM900 Scan'n Cut machine and looking for detailed, guided instructions to utilise your Scan'n Cut machine to support making a project. Easy step-by-step instructions will take you through the process and give you confidence to embark on your own projects moving forward.
These kits include all of the materials required to complete the project.  See below for what Scan'n Cut accessories you will require to complete the project.
Make this gorgeous little papercraft Rose Bouquet to use as a cute embellishment on any gift. The bouquet is made up of a scanned  design that you can save and replicate as many times over as you would like. In making this, you will learn to cut papercraft with your Scan'n Cut like an expert, as well as become a master of the Scan To Cut Data function of your machine.

Making this project, you will learn:

  • Cutting paper and vellum including fold lines
  • Scanning, saving and recalling designs
  • Scan To Cut Data function
  • Using built-in designs on the Scan’n Cut
  • Scanning background images for correct material placement
  • Performing test cuts
    Kit Includes*: 
    • Detailed step-by-step instructions to make your rose bouquet
    • Template for roses
    • Pink and red metallic paper for two of the roses
    • White vellum for the third rose
    • Green and black cardstock for the leaves and base of the bouquet

    *Where items are not available, similar items will be substituted.

    What you will need:

    • Scan’n Cut CM Series machine with following accessories:
    • Standard Mat
    • Low Tack or Middle Tack Mat
    • Scanning Mat (black and white)
    • Standard Blade and Blade Holder
    • Stylus and Spatula
    • Double-sided tape – preferably in a roller dispenser
    • A thin-style pen, pencil or wooden skewer for rolling your petals
    • Sticky tape

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