Hello everyone! 

My name is Suzi and I am a work-from-home wife and mum to two gorgeous sons, living in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

I’m a bit late to this whole crafting & sewing game, but I made it finally, and after many years in corporate Australia, I made the change to the more creative and vibrant crafting world over 5 years ago now.

My Scan’n Cut love affair began when I was planning a birthday party for my son’s 2nd birthday.  He was completely obsessed (like most young boys) with trucks and diggers.  I decided that I must have little toolboxes to give out to the kids at the end of the party.... wheel in the Brother Scan’n Cut!

I had been given my first Scan’n Cut for Christmas the year before and had taken it out of the box a few times, admired how shiny it was, and promptly put it away again.  In my head I knew that this mysterious, shiny machine would probably be able to make these toolboxes quite easily, but could I operate it properly?  All the faith in my machine.....none in myself!

It was a period of huge learning for me as I ploughed through the manual, ruining piece of cardstock after piece of cardstock, but eventually I caught on to a few key processes and before I knew it, I had 8 hyped-up two year olds racing out my front door with toolboxes  in hand.  Success!

In love with my Scan’n Cut (and just quietly, even more in love with all the oohs and aahs I was getting from those around me) I started to use it daily - dreaming up new challenges and achieving them with beautiful, fine detail and using a wide variety of materials.  

I began selling some of my creations all over the world on Etsy and I produced a range of Learn to Scan'n Cut kits which supply you with all of the materials you require to complete the project, along with detailed instructions that step you through the process button-by-button.

I began to teach classes to help others learn to love their machine as much as I do.  I have been teaching Scan’n Cut for some time now and can positively say that I have witnessed people who began completely scared of their machine, now creating stunning 3D table centrepieces for Christmas!  And I have seen long time users still get a surprise by the endless capabilities that the Scan’n Cut offers and taking their creativity to new levels.

My advice to beginners who are still staring at that shiny treasure in their craft room?  “It’s time to start!  Just start!”  A Scan’n Cut is one of those machines that won’t make sense first up.  Too many moving parts, strange terminology and there is a blade involved!  But I promise you, it is not as scary as it looks.  Once you know the basics of what to be aware of when using it, your confidence WILL grow and your imagination WILL start to run wild.  

In my classes, I will give you that opportunity to learn to love your machine.....taking it out of the box, switching it on and cutting something!  My Getting Started classes will have you doing just that!  They are a safe, fun environment to CUT SOMETHING! 

For those of you that have been using your machine for a while now, I have a huge catalogue of projects that I will also be running as classes, so you can get the absolute most out of your machine and its capabilities.  You will be astounded by the materials it can cut, and the creative doors it will open for you.  Prepare to walk away from each class with a new skill, a great creation and having had loads of fun!

In recent weeks I have been getting myself acquainted with my new member of the family, the Brother Design'n Cut and will be launching classes for this little machine soon too.  It is a fabulous addition to the range and is not hard to learn given its close relationship to its big cousin, the Scan'n Cut.

No matter what age you are, or what you would like to achieve with your machine, I am here to help you.  I look forward to meeting you in class to have some fun and explore Scan’n Cut and Design'n Cut together!

Happy creating,